A French specificity

The PUBLIC SPHERE in France includes:


  • strategic business activities in Energy and Defence (AIRBUS, EDF, MBDA, NAVAL GROUP, ORANO, SAFRAN, THALES, etc.)
  • public service duties in Energy and Transport (EDF, ENEDIS, ENGIE, GRDF, GRTGAZ, ILE-DE-FRANCE MOBILITES, LA POSTE, RATP, RTE, SNCF, etc.)
  • companies that convey France’s influence across the world in Transport and Aerospace (ADP, AIR FRANCE-KLM, ARIANEGROUP, CNES, KEOLIS, TRANSDEV, etc.) and in Culture and Communication (AFP, ARTE, FRANCE TELEVISIONS, FRANCE MEDIAS MONDE, etc.)
  • respected institutions (BANQUE DE FRANCE, CAISSE DES DEPOTS, COUR DES COMPTES, etc.)
  • powerful, independent supervisory authorities (AUTORITE DE LA CONCURRENCE, ASN, ARCEP, etc.)

The senior civil servants at the head of the French PUBLIC SPHERE are driven by:


  • a commitment to the Public Service
  • loyalty and respectful cooperation with supervisory authorities
  • selflessness and exceptional adaptability
  • compliance with political and budgetary constraints
  • social and managerial expertise
  • a twofold culture: public and private