V de V

Vincent de La Vaissière

Photo : © Jérôme Mizar

Aged 64, and a graduate from the Paris Institut d’Études Politiques, Vincent de La Vaissière has focused his entire career in the communications business. His first position was as Communications Director at the Seine-et-Marne Departmental Council, where he was involved in the Eurodisneyland theme park project (between 1984 and 1989), then as Communications Advisor for the CNP ASSURANCES High Commission President.


In 1993, he joined the ECONOMY AND FINANCE Minister’s cabinet as Communications and Media Director.


In 1995, he was appointed Communications Director for the LYONNAISE DES EAUX Group. Following the SUEZ merger, he became Communications Director for the SUEZ-LYONNAISE DES EAUX Group (now ENGIE).


At the end of 1999, he joined the PPR Group (now KERING) where he was appointed as Communications Director and an Executive Committee member.


In spring 2004, he launched VCOMV, an independent Communications Consultancy firm, of which he is CEO.


Since 2006, he has also been publishing a public sphere reference survey.